Monday, April 5, 2021

Are you prepared for the Day of YL's

Carine F5ISY

DAY of the YL's Contest Event

When: May 29th-30th  2021

in memory of  Carine Dubois (F5ISY)

Carine F5ISY developed this YL contest but never got to see it to the end. So it is in this respect that a group of YL's have vowed to continue to make this happen, twice a year, in her memory.

Are you prepared for the Day of YL's?

QSY Old Men and let the YL's take over! The last weekend in May, this year being the 29th/30th, marks the time for a special event which aims to encourage more women to get on the radio and on the air waves, making as many contacts as they can in an exciting contest for women to compete with each other.

The Spring/Summer event takes place in the last weekend of May, whereas the memorial event takes place in the last weekend of November to commemorate and remember the month that Carine F5ISY passed. OM's can truly help here in this contest event by listening out for YL's, working them to gain those necessary points, and please, do a make spot with #DOYL hashtag on a DX cluster to show other amateurs the frequencies where YL's can be heard. You never know, you might even get to work some cool YL stations such as G5YL, R1BIG, DA4YL and so on... Even better if you hear a YL trying to work another YL, go QRX for a moment, and let them earn that extra special 3 points between them for a YL to YL contact. Exciting or what?! The Day of YL's is the brainchild of Carine F5ISY who sadly passed away before she could see this exciting annual event take place. We want to encourage women from all around the world, to use whatever band they can, or whatever mode they prefer on HF, including digital modes such as DSTAR, Fusion and DMR. This year, many Stateside YL's would particularly like to hear more YL's from Europe, especially French women to come on air in memory of Carine F5ISY, as it's said, says one of the organisers Niece KA1ULN, "it can be quite dull just working other stateside women, I'd like to DX into Europe with another YL and many other OM's as well..." Like any contest, there are rules, with some guidance, which can be found at the #DOYL blog site here, Click here for the contest rules Whilst it is only YL's, or those who identify as a YL, that we encourage scores to be submitted from, these can come from either an individual YL, a team of YL's, or a YL being supported by an OM as that's cool too as remember, it's all about getting women heard on the airwaves this special weekend. Support from OM's is especially welcomed and encouraged as doing so will make this a special day for everyone. Here's to the 29th May, good luck, 73's, 88's, 33's and happy contesting... You go girls..!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

DOYL Nov 2020


HERE  are  the   scores  which  were reported.for the  Nov DOYL.

  they are  actually on

Callsign                Name                                Category                PTS

YO3GNF     Jack Ursulean                 OM HP             1

F6ESM             Earl S. Mead                 OM LP                 39

PY2BN(tuka)     Antonio Carlos Rodrigues OM LP                 4

PY2LCD             Billy Heinz Dorsch         OM LP                 4

TM10GFT     Andreas Schumm         OM LP             1

YU3AWA     Marija Kostic                 YL HP                 888

DL3CR             Christiane Rester         YL HP                 628

OE3LZA             Laila Zaidan                 YL HP                 53

VK7GH             Catherine Hammond         YL HP                 46

WB9TFF             Donna m Van Blaricom YL HP                 39

VU2RBI             Devulapalli Bharathi         YL LP                 182

AC4SJ             Sarah Joiner                 YL LP                 108

G6QA             Lynda Valerie Jopson         YL LP                 85

VU2MGS     Manorita Singh                 YL LP                 83

KA1ULN     Niece Haynes                 YL LP                 78

ZS1DS             Denise van Vuuren             YL LP                 71

KC9YL             Anne Dirkman             YL LP                 44    

VU2NIS             Nisha M Mohan             YL LP                 44

F4IFD(nicky)     ????????                         YL LP                 43

M0BYL             British Young Ladies Amateur Radio Association YL LP 39

S55BA             Barbara Molicnik             YL LP                 34

G0KZH             Elaine Clayton                 YL LP                 33

PD4SON             Sonja de Jong-Stam            YL LP                 33

PY2TEY             Deborah Galdi Bortolin      YL LP                 14

PY1GI             ??????????                         YL LP                 12

Are you prepared for the Day of YL's

DAY of the YL's Contest Event When: May 29th-30th  2021 in memory of   Carine Dubois ( F5ISY) Carine F5ISY developed this YL contest but...